Jawaharlal Nehru & Sardar Patel Statue of Unity converation from Heaven!

Nehru - see they built a statue for you, India is intact today because of you. Congratulations.

Patel - why do you think they built a statue for me?

Nehru - because you unified the country.

Patel - I tried to unify people, but I only succeeded in unifying the land.

Nehru - come on, India is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. We don't have no drug cartels here, like Latin America. We don't have people going inside schools and shooting children like United States. We don't have religious extremism in the country.

Patel - hmm agreed. But I wanted our country to be completely United. In terms of language, religion, caste, region, I always wanted people to respect each other and help each other.

Nehru - they are helping. Recent Kerela floods suggests that. Whole country stood up for them.

Patel - I believe so. So you are saying India is going in the right direction?

Nehru - Absolutely!

Patel - I still don't want a statue. I'm a humble man.

Nehru - well, that's ok my friend. You deserve it. You know I like you.

Patel - me too my friend!

Mahatma Gandhi - Where do I stand here?

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