Man Bursts 'Bomb' In 3-YO Girls Mouth In UP, Victim Critical with 50 Stitches

A local youth Harpal, stuffed a 'bomb' in 3 year old git mouth and lit the fuse. Police said that based on the girl's father's complaint, they have filed an FIR against Harpal, who is on the run.

The bomb exploded in the girl's mouth, causing serious injuries. The girl was rushed to a nearby medical facility where she received 50 stitches. According to the doctors, the girl's throat has also been infected, further compounding her health condition.

According to Shashi Kumar, the father of the girl, the incident happened on Wednesday evening, when his daughter was playing outside the house.

Area nearby Meerut city is well known for illiterate and donkey breed human beings where localites have created more such nuissance and evil activities!

Where is the faith of Humanity Going? How can one even think of Fusing 'bomb' in 3 year old girl mouth!

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